Over the past decades, the development of engineering science has incredibly contributed to the development of medicine by production of numerous devices for diagnostics and treatment, new biomaterials, various biomedical software, development of methods for scientific research in genetics, molecular biology, etc. Establishing close cooperation between scientific research teams in the field of medicine and engineering would undoubtedly contribute to further progress in both medical and engineering sciences.

We are pleased to inform you that the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Serbia (AESS) has readily accepted the invitation to establish cooperation with the Academy of Medical Sciences of Serbian Medical Society (AMS-SMS). In this respect, the Protocol on cooperation between AESS and AMS-SMS was signed on February 26, 2020.

We believe that this cooperation will enable the exchange of experiences and knowledge of engineers and doctors and encourage new multidisciplinary scientific research. We also hope that it will contribute to defining the legal framework of national academies and thus their rightful place in the scientific community of Serbia in the way it is regulated in European countries, but also in countries from our region.