Clean tooth root canal - a prerequisite for endodontic success
Organizer: Prof. Dr Slavoljub Živković.
Time and place of the event: January 17, SMS, 19 George Washington street, Belgrade

Nanoparticles and drug microformulations in the treatment of malignant and metabolic diseases
Organizers: Prof. Dr Karmen Stankov and Prof. Dr Momir Mikov.
Time and place of the event: February 11, Medical Faculty, Novi Sad

Homocysteine - a neglected risk factor in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
Organizer: Prof. Dr Zorana Vasiljević.
Place of the event: Belgrade

Kidney disease: gender differences
Organizers: Prof. Dr Ljubica Djukanović, Prof. Dr Nada Dimković and Prof. Dr Višnja Ležaić.
Time and place of the event: March 20, Belgrade

Seventy years of oncological surgery
Organizer: Prof. dr Radan Džodić
Place of the event: Belgrade

Granulomatous diseases in the otorhinolaryngological region
Organizer: Prof. Dr Dragoslava Đerić
Place of the event: Belgrade

Multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation in dentistry
Organizer: Prof. Dr Obrad Zelić.
Place of the event: Gračanica
Therapeutic options for chronic hepatitis B and C and the possibility of eliminating the virus
Organizer: Prof. Dr Milena Božić.
Time and place of the event: May 22, SMS, 19 George Washington street, Belgrade

Is suicide always a pathological act?
Organizers: Prof. Dr Miroslava Jašović-Gašić and Prof. Dr Ivana Timotijević
Place of the event: SMS, 19 George Washington street, Belgrade

Influence of xenobiotics on biological systems
Organizers: Prof. Dr Momir Mikov and Prof. Dr Karmen Stankov
Place of the event: Novi Sad

Modern pharmacotherapy in emergency medicine
Organizers: Prof. Dr Momir Mikov and Prof. Dr Velibor Vasović
Place of the event: Novi Sad, Kula

Summer school of otorhinolaryngology - audiology and phoniatrics
Organizer: Prof. Dr Dragan Dankuc
Place of the event: Ecological center Radulovački, Sremski Karlovci

Hemodynamics, biomechanics of circulation in cardiology
Organizer: Prof. Dr Đurica Stojšić

Organizer: Prof. Dr Jefta Kozarski
Place of the event: Belgrade


Fifth Congress of the 34th Branch of the American Association of Cardiologists for Serbia and the Republic of Srpska
Organizer: Prof. Dr Milan Nedeljković.
Time and place of the event: Hotel M, Belgrade, February 28-29, 2020

Fifth Belgrade Anesthesia Forum - in co-organization with Anesthesiology Section of SMS
Organizer: Prof. Dr Nevena Kalezić
Time and place of the event: April, Belgrade

What is a medical error? In co-organization with Vojvodina Medical Society of Serbian Medical Society
Organizers: Prof. Dr Jovan Dimitrijević, Prof. Dr Dragan Dankuc, Dr Sanja Vignjević - Petrinović
Time and place of the event: Apri 15, 2020, VMS-SMS, Novi Sad

Current events in pediatrics - in co-organization with Pediatric Section of SMS
Organizers: Prof. Dr Nedeljko Radlović and Prof. Dr Dragana Janić
Time of the event: autumn 2020

Congress of Histologists and Embryologists of Serbia
Organizers: Prof. Dr Dušan Lalošević
Time of the event: September 2020

Guard lymph node screening in the detection of occult metastases in thyroid cancer
Surgical techniques for reconstruction and release of recurrent laryngeal nerve in order to improve the quality of life of patients with surgical diseases of the thyroid gland
In co-organization with The Association of Oncological Surgeons of Serbia and the World Federation of Oncological Surgical Associations
Organizers: Prof. Dr Radan Džodić


Omega-3 fatty acids - an essential factor in growth and development and maintaining health at all stages of life
Lecturer: Prof. Dr Nedeljko Radlović
Time of the event: November/December

Non-alcoholic fatty liver
Lecturer: Prof. Dr Milena Božić

Consciousness and conscience as an antidote to stress
Lecturer: Prim. D Vladimir Jokanović