I. Members of the Academy


II.  Sessions of the Presidency and Scientific Council in 2019

March 26th and April 19th: proposals for annual awards of Serbian Medical Society (SMS) and preparation of the election assembly

May 17th: Constitutional session of the Presidency and election of leadership

June 13th: Constitutional session of the Scientific Council

June 19th:  Presidency session: confirmed election of leaderships  of branches (Vojvodina and Nis) and secretariats of Scientific groups and election of Academy secretariat and delegates to the SMS Assembly and SMS Presidency

October 25th: Joint session of the Presidency and the Scientific Council              Topics:  Proposals on possible new organization of work of the Academy, activities of members, membership fees, needs and possibilities of cooperation with other important institutions in the country and abroad.


III.  AMS SMS Election Assembly May 17th, 2019

  • Election of members of the Presidency and Scientific Council of the Academy
  • Election of members of AMN SMS: 16 full members elected from among the associate members, 21 associate members and three honorary members.


IV.   Sessions of Scientific Groups, dates

Scientific Group for Internal Medicine:

§ February 14th

§ March 21th

§ April 17th

§ June 10th


Scientific Group for Surgery:

§ February 12th

§ March 22th

§ April 12th

§ June 6th


Multidisciplinary and Preventive Scientific Group:

§ February 13th

§ March 20th

§ April 15th

§ June 5th


V.  Annual awards of Serbian Medical Society

On May 6, on St. George's Day, Slava of the Serbian Medical Society, the annual SMS awards were presented to the following members of the Academy

Big Seal Award:

Prof. Dr. Radojka Kocijancic

Prof. Dr. Dragoslav Stamenkovic

Lifetime Achievement Award:

Prim. Dr. Nebojsa Paunkovic

Prof. Dr. Branimir Gudurić


VI.   Scientific meetings of Academy of Medical Sciences of SMS in 2019




March 21, 2019

Aging and cancer

Prof. Stevan Popović, MD, PhD

May 8-10,2019

14th MPN & MPNR - EURONET CONGRESS: Pathogenesis, diagnosis and therapy of myeloproliferative neoplasms

Scientific Advisor Vladan Čokić, MD, PhD

June 4,2019

Multidisciplinary approach in psychiatry

Prof. Miroslava Jašović Gašić, MD, PhD

June 14-15, 2019

Stroke Symposium

Prof. Dr Petar Slankamenac

September 15, 2019

Summer school of otorhinolaryngology - rhinology

Prof. Dragan Dankuc, MD, PhD and Prof. Maja Buljčik - Čupić,  MD, PhD

September 18, 2019

Pharmacokinetics of  leukemia drugs and their in vitro and in vivo testing

Prof. Karmen Stankov,  MD, PhD and prof. Momir Mikov,  MD, PhD

September 27, 2019


Prof. Marina Jovanović,  MD, PhDand prof. Djordjije Karadaglic,  MD, PhD

October 18, 2019

Is homocysteine a neglected risk factor for cardiovascular disease?

Prof. Zorana Vasiljević, MD, PhD

November 26, 2019

Peripheral paralysis of the facial nerve: Novelties in diagnosis and treatment

Prof. Dragoslava Đerić,  MD, PhD

November 28/29, 2019

Novelties in otorhinolaryngology

Prof. Rajko Jović,  MD, PhD

November 29, 2019

Symposium in Urology and Nephrology

Prof. Radoslav Bašić,  MD, PhD

Academy as co-organzer of the events:

  • Fourth Congress of the 34th Branch of the American College of Cardiologists of Serbia and Republika Srpska, March 29-31, Jahorina, Republika Srpska, BiH. Organizer: prof. Milan Nedeljkovic, MD, PhD
  • Serbian conference on INTERventional cardiology, cardiovascular imaging and drug therapy (SINERGY), September 12-14, Belgrade: Discussion of cases from clinical practice: Have you seen this presentation of acute coronary syndrome before? Session organizer: prof. Zorana Vasiljevic, MD, PhD
  • Seminar Fourth Belgrade Anesthesia Forum, 5-7. April, MMA. Organizer: prof. Nevena Kalezic, MD, PhD

Lecture for general public  at the Ilija M. Kolarac Foundation:

  • Basic principles in infant nutrition

Organizer: Prof. Nedeljko Radlović,  MD, PhD


Inauguration lectures by full members:

September 15th:

Prof. Dr. Dragan Dankuc:

Summer School of Otorhinolaryngology - Rhinology


September 18th:

Prof. Dr. Momir Mikov:

Pharmacokinetics of drugs for the treatment of leukemia and their

in vitro and in vivo testing


October 18th: Controversies in cardiology

Prof. Dr. Branko Beleslin

Prof. Dr. Milan Nedeljkovic

Prof. Dr. Milan Pavlović


Inauguration lectures by associate members:


September 27th:

Prof. dr Velibor Vasović:

Current events in prehospital emergency medicine

Prof. Marija Jevtić:

Goals of sustainable development and their importance for health and health



October 30th

Prof. dr Dragoslav Bašić:

Contemporary aspects of diagnosis and therapy of superficial bladder tumors

Prof. Dr. Goran Stanojević:

The healing process of anastomoses of the digestive tract - what the surgeon

needs to know


December 03th

Prof. Igor Mitić:

Lupus nephritis, a disease that combines nephrology, immunology and


Prof. dr Milovan Petrović:

Percutaneous mechanical circulatory support in the treatment of patients

with acute cardiogenic shock as a complication of acute myocardial infarction


November 9th

Prof. Dr. Nenad Ilijevski:

Open surgery in the endovascular era - is there room for both?

Prim. Dr. Ilijas Činara:

A brief history of peripheral artery surgery in Serbia

Prof. Dr. Miroslav Markovic:

Treatment of ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm: three decades of

experience of the Clinic for Vascular and Endovascular Surgery


VII. Publishing activity of the Academy


Marijan Novaković, Radan Džodić, Vicko Ferenc, Nada Babović, Lidija Kandolf - Sekulović, Dimitrije Brasanac, editors. National Melanoma Guideline. Belgrade: AMN SMS; 2019.


VIII.  Library of the Academy

650 books and publications